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Tendai Morris

Beauty box presenters rom 2024:

A whole new beauty experience!
The Beauty Box!

Think of it as an interactive "Beauty Stage" but completely interactive and up-close!  Details and schedules coming soon!

Presented by Tendai Morris of Healthy Hair Solutions

Healthy Hair Solutions is proud to join the Working Women's Show to launch the first ever Beauty Box. When you enter the Beauty Box be prepared to leave feeling like a brand new you!! This is an interactive experience that will boost your confidence and provide you with tools and connections that you can definitely use.

Attendees are sure to have a well-rounded experience covering various aspects of health, wellness, and beauty. Here's a breakdown of what participants can look forward to:

  • Health and Wellness Speakers

  • Hair Demonstrations

  • Nail Care Classes

  • Nutritionists

  • Skin Care Specialists

  • Makeup Demonstrations

  • Hands-On Opportunities

  • Makeovers

  • and much more!

Network: Connect with speakers, professionals, and fellow attendees to build valuable connections within the beauty and wellness industry.

Ask Questions: Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with experts during demonstrations and classes by asking questions and seeking personalized advice.

Take Notes: Bring a notebook or use a digital device to jot down key takeaways, product recommendations, and tips shared during the various sessions.

Visit booths and exhibits to explore new products, services, and innovations in the beauty and wellness industry.

Trust me You'll LOVE THE BEAUTY BOX!

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