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Exhibitor Guidelines

In order to preserve the quality of the WWSS, these rules must be followed:

  • All products and services displayed and or sold from exhibits must be listed on the application & pre-approved by show management. A photograph of unusual items or displays is required for approval.

  • All exhibits must be professional in appearance. No handmade signs are allowed.

  • When approved, a space contract and link for payment of deposit will be sent.

  • Only those products/services listed on this application and pre-approved by show management will be allowed in the show.

  • Exhibitor booths for political candidates will not be approved.

  • The show has a single brand representation policy. This is for the protection of our exhibitors. We will not approve more than one booth representing a brand.

  • We encourage women's services nonprofits to apply.  A discount of booth fees may be available. Please make such requests via our exhibitor application.

  • For inclusion in our new Maker's Market. All items must be handmade. Approval for the Maker's Market requires submission of photos for the jurying process. Application may be made via our exhibitor application.

Terms of Payment

  • A 50% Deposit Payment in full is due with approval of your application. Balance is due by December 31, 2024.

  • After December 31, 2024 payment in full is due immediately upon approval of your application.

  • Checks will not be accepted after January 31, 2025.

  • No refunds of deposit or other payments will be made.

Booth Includes:

  • Rear & side-wing draping for all exhibit space

  • Company I.D. sign

  • Carpet (booth and aisle)

  • 10 Exhibitor Badges

  • 4 Complimentary tickets for clients

  • Free listing for your booth in show program, booth info posted on our social media channels, inclusion on our blog, as well as info on our general website

  • Above items are for each 10'x10', 8'x10', and 10'x7 1/2' booths.  For 10'x5' and 4'x8' booths, all above will be provided with the exception of badges.  These exhibitors will receive 5 exhibitor badges instead of 10.

  • The Show does NOT provide tables & chairs. You can bring your own tables and chairs (tables must be skirted and covered to the floor). You can also rent those items from the decorating contractor, for a fee.  

Offered by St. Charles Convention Center:
Electrical, tables, chairs & wifi are all now handled directly by show management and our own staff Exhibitor Services Staff. 

To order any of these services or products.

Cindy Kessler


Online Ordering: Coming Soon!

Rules, Regulations, Terms and Instructions


Space Fee

Contract is valid only if full payment for space has been received by the show prior to the established date.  In determining the assignment of space, nature of the Exhibitor and products and services to be displayed, as well as the amount of space available will be taken into consideration.


Use of Space

Exhibitors agree to arrange their displays so as not to obstruct the general view or conceal other exhibits.  It is suggested that Exhibitors having large or bulky exhibits select wall space or island spaces.  In all linear exhibit areas booth height may not exceed 10 feet.  Any display material exposing on unfinished surface to neighboring booths must be finished at the Exhibitor’s expense.  An island or peninsula space is one whose space is 20’x20’ or larger.  With peninsula spaces:

  1. There is no height limitation on the construction of these spaces.

  2. Any unfinished surfaces must be finished or masked to the satisfaction of the show.

  3. Any type of framework that would be used for hanging of items is strictly prohibited.  Also prohibited is any type of constructed awnings or booth canopy that would detract from the professional image of the Show.

  4. To facilitate the construction of these exhibits and to aid in improving the overall appearance of the show, Exhibitors with island of peninsula displays must submit their plans to the show for approval by January 31, 2022.


Move-in times             Thursday, February 13, 2024         8am to 8pm

                                       Friday, February 14, 2024              8am to 11am

Show times                   Friday, February 14, 2024              11am to 6pm

                                       Saturday, February 15, 2024        10am to 6pm

                                       Sunday, February 16, 2024           11am to 5pm

Move-out times          Sunday, February 16, 2024            5:30pm to 10pm

                                      Exhibits must be staffed no later than 15 minutes prior to doors opening


  The Show may remove any of the Exhibitor’s effects remaining after the designated Move-Out times at the cost, risk and expenses of Exhibitor and Exhibitor shall be liable for any and all damages the Show may suffer due to Exhibitor’s failure to remove all such effects.



   No special signs, apparatus, etc., will be permitted to extend more than ten feet above the floor and no interference with light or space of other Exhibitors will be allowed.  Illuminated signs must be placed against the back of the booth.  No signs or banners are to be placed outside of the exhibit space assigned to each Exhibitor.  All signs must be done be a professional sign shop.  Any Exhibitor having signs which, in the sole opinion of the show are or look amateurish and/or detract from the overall dignity and refinement of the show will be required by the show to remove said signs from its booth.  Signs may not be hung from the walls, ceiling, beams or columns.


Circulation and Solicitation

  Printed advertising, souvenirs, etc., may be distributed by Exhibitors from their own space only.  Any souvenir or advertising that in the sole opinion of the Show is of an objectionable or undignified character will not be permitted.  Souvenirs must not be of the noise making variety.  All such souvenirs are subject to the approval of the Show.


Subletting of exhibit space is prohibited

   No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted to Exhibitor nor exhibit therein any goods, apparatus, service, advertising signs, etc., other than those manufactured or sold by the Exhibitor in the regular course of Exhibitor’s business, without the prior written consent of the Show.  Violation of this rule or of any applicable law shall be cause for eviction without refund.



   Decorator labor will be provided at prevailing rates as charged by the official decorator to Exhibitors upon their order if requested.  For any shipments coming in to the St. Charles Convention Center to Exhibitor’s booth, Exhibitors may bring their own items in with their own dollies, etc., however if shipments come in by semi-truck, that truck and its contents must be handled by union personnel under the direction of the Official Decorating Contractor.  If you need assistance to move items to your booth from your car or truck, the Official Decorating Contractor will have union personnel available to hire, however, if you can move it in yourself with your dollies you are free to do so.


Sound Control

   Loudspeakers, radios, television sets, or the operation of any machinery or equipment of sufficient volume as to be annoying to neighboring exhibitors will not be permitted.



   The erection, dismantling of displays, and carpet for booth areas (St. Charles Convention Center carpet and Decorator carpet) is under the jurisdiction of the Official Decorating Contractor.  A service kit will be e-mailed and posted on line for all Exhibitors, covering electricity, telecommunications, sign making, furniture for rent, gas, water, drains, drayage and re-crating of equipment.  Exhibitors will be billed directly for their services, if required, at published rates.  The service kit will include forms from the Convention Center as well.



   Food and beverage products that are manufactured, processed or distributed by an Exhibitor may be distributed if limited to a 2 oz. sample size and are subject to the regulations of the St. Charles Convention Center.  If you are a food vendor, you can sell food – packaged items – that do not conflict with concession stand sales.  A food permit is required by St. Charles County.  Food vendors who do food preparation on site will be charged a per booth fee by St. Charles Convention Center.


Electrical Equipment

   Electrical wiring and equipment installation must confirm to appropriate codes.  The Electrical General Foreman is obligated to refuse connections where wiring is not in accordance with the St. Charles electric code.  Order forms for electric service will be forwarded to Exhibitors.


Compliance with Laws

   Exhibitors shall otherwise comply with all statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations of the United States, the State of Missouri, The City of St. Charles, the St. Charles Convention Center and any of their instrumentalities.



   No helium balloons of any type are permitted in, on or about the Exhibitor’s space.


Non-Flammable Materials

   All materials used in the Convention Center must be nonflammable to conform with the Fire Regulations of the St. Charles Fire Department.  No combustible decorations such as crepe paper, tissue paper, cardboard or corrugated paper shall be used at any time.  All packing containers, excelsior and wrapping papers are to be removed from the floor and must not be stored under the tables or behind displays.  All muslin, velvet or any cloth, decorations must stand a flameproof test as prescribed by the St. Charles Fire Department regulations.  Materials not confirming with such regulations will be removed immediately at exhibitor’s expense.  Fire Marshall will check exhibits prior to show opening.


Guard Service

   Neither the St. Charles Convention Center, the Show, the Official Decorator nor their employees or invitees, are responsible for the safety of exhibits against robbery or damage by fire, accident or other causes.  The Exhibitor is urged to take all such steps, measures and precautions as may be necessary to protect itself, its agents, representatives, employees and guests, as well as its exhibits, displays, merchandise and property, against all possible injury, damage, loss, and destruction of the show and during the move-in and move-out.


Care of Building and Exhibits

   Exhibitors will be responsible for any damage done to the building by them, their agents, or employees.  All property destroyed or damaged by Exhibitor must be placed in its original condition by the Exhibitor or at the Exhibitor’s expense.  Walls, woodwork and floor of the building must not be defaced or altered in any manner whatsoever.  Tacking, taping, or nailing of signs, banners, etc., to any permanent walls or woodwork or beyond the limits of any background is prohibited.  No nails, or bracing wires shall be used in erecting display installations and other items or things constituting part of or used in connection with any such exhibit.



   The Exhibitor must carry and maintain all such insurance coverage as may be required to fully protect it against all risks assumed or incurred in, or in connection with its exhibit, the exhibitions or the meeting, or under these rules, regulations, terms, and instructions, or the Contract in which the same for a part.  The Working Women’s Survival Show must be listed as additional insured.  Copy of exhibitor insurance policy listing the Working Women’s Survival Show as additional insured must be provided to Working Women’s Show office no later than January 28, 2022.    Exhibitors who desire to carry insurance on their exhibits and contents must place it at their own expense.



   Neither the Show, the employees thereof, any member of any committee formed in conjunction with the Working Women’s Survival Show – media sponsors, the City of St. Charles, nor its representatives, will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the Exhibitor’s, employees or property from any cause whatsoever, prior, during, or subsequent to the period covered by this Contract.  The Exhibitor signing this Contract expressly releases the Show, City, Individuals, Show Committee, Show Sponsors, any media sponsor from any and all claims for such loss, damage to property resulting from Exhibitor’s use of exhibit space, or resulting in any occurrence, upon or in the proximity of or at the exhibit space occasioned wholly or in part by any act or omission to act of Exhibitor, its agents, contractors, employees, servants, lessees, invitees, or concessionaires, and shall pay all costs, expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred or paid by the Show in connection with such claims,  In the event that the Show shall be made a party to any litigation commenced by or against Exhibitor, and/or Exhibitor’s employees, agents and/or invitees,  then Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold the Show harmless from and shall pay all costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred or paid by the Show in connection with such litigation.


Price List

   The Exhibitor’s advertisement, exhibit, or promotion may include prices, but shall not make price comparisons with competitive products.



   In case the exhibition hall shall be destroyed by fire, or the elements, or another cause, or in case any other circumstances should make it impossible or impracticable for the management to permit the contracted space to be occupied or utilized by the Exhibitor, then the Contract shall terminate and the Exhibitor hereby waives any claim for damages or compensation except the pro-rated return of the amount paid for space fee.


Labor Disputes

   To the end that the Show will not be interrupted or disrupted by any lawful or any product of unlawful labor dispute involving or directed at any Exhibitor or service used or displayed by any Exhibitor.  Exhibitor agrees to immediately notify the Show of any such actual of threatened labor dispute (including but not limited to any actual or threatening, picketing or hand billing) and to use all reasonable means to promptly resolve any such labor dispute.  If the Exhibitor cannot resolve, prior to the beginning of the show any such labor dispute and/or if any such labor dispute cannot actually threatens to interrupt or disrupt show in any manner, including, but not limited to, by the establishment of a picket line or by the occurrence of hand billing at the show, the Show shall have the right to prohibit, bar, prevent, and remove any exhibit or proposed exhibit, or any part or portion thereof, which is the direct or indirect subject or option of the labor dispute.  In the event that the show so elects to prevent and remove the Exhibitor’s entire exhibit, the Show shall refund to Exhibitor fifty percent (50%) of Exhibitor’s space fee.  Exhibitor further agrees to indemnify and hold the Show harmless from and against any and all direct, indirect and consequential damages, claims, actions, liabilities and expenses (including attorneys’ fees arising out of, incurred in connection with or as a result of related in any manner to any actual or threatened labor dispute involving or directed at Exhibitor or any product or service used or displayed by Exhibitor.  The show may in its solo discretion, hold any refund due to Exhibitor as security against Exhibitor’s indemnification obligations.



   No animals are permitted in the St. Charles Convention Center without prior approval.


Subject to change without notice

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