Exhibitor Service Rentals for 2017 Show

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The above PDF contains information for rental of tables, chairs and other furniture, as well as labor rates and drayage.

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Including the following services;

  1.  Electrical Service; Internet; Water and Cleaning Service

  2. Exhibitor Meal Delivery Order Form

  3. SCCC Policies and Procedures

  4. Utility Services Conditions & regulations



Please keep in mind that ordering prior to February, will save you money.

(Exhibitors can bring their own tables and chairs.  The only restriction is that if you bring a table, it must be covered and skirted.  The draping/skirting must reach the floor.)


There is no charge for exhibitors that use Square in the builiding as long as you are using YOUR cell phone for service. If you need wired or wireless internet, there is a charge from the convention center.