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The owners and staff of the St. Louis Working Women's Show would like to dedicate the show to the memory of our founder, Geri Kroon.

With an always positive attitude, Geri took college courses at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She transitioned from an emphasis on education and Spanish to an interest in business and marketing. One day she was taking an immersive trip to Mexico, the next she was running the St. Louis Checkerdome, promoting entertainment acts such as The Rolling Stones, Elvis, and many more. Geri traveled the nation throughout the years promoting The Ringling Brothers, Champions on Ice, Sesame Street Live, and more.


It's so important to the staff of the show that we keep the show going. When the new owners decided to purchase the show, it was important to them to continue Geri's vision. Whenever we are uncertain how to proceed, we find ourselves asking "What would Geri do...?" and that seems to help us find a road forward.


Thank you, Geri for making this show a place where we can all celebrate what it takes to be an amazing woman! It's because of you that we continue celebrating the Ultimate Girl's Day Out here at the Working Women's Survival Show. And thank you to Geri's family for trusting with Geri's legacy. We hope we do you proud.



Jim, Scott, Emily and staff

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