2017 show guest appearances

Janine Turner - Hollywood & New York Actress

Emmy & three-time Golden Globe Nominee

Author - Speaker

Missouri Lottery Main Event Stage

Saturday, February 25th at 3:00pm


Country Music Singer - Kamber Cain

Featured on "Today's Best Country Music Videos"

Missouri Lottery's Main Event Stage - Saturday @ 6pm

Sponsored By Missouri Pork Association


"Rock It Out"  Rob Govero & His Entire Glam Squad

Saturday at 12:00pm and Sunday at 1:00pm on the Missouri Lottery Main Event Stage




On the Missouri Pork Association's Inspired Cooking Stage

Chef Martin - Professional Chef, Food Writer, Blogger &

Culinary Journalist

Friday at 1:30pm and Saturday at 12:30pm




Julie Enstall - "Training Time Fitness"

Reach optimal health one habit at a time.

Learn the exercise moves to get a lean & strong body.

Firm Fit & Feminine Stage - Friday at 1:00pm , Saturday at 1:00pm & Sunday at 12:00pm






Therese Marie

St. Louis Singer Songwriter

Missouri Lottery Main Event Stage -Saturday 7pm